Appeal for funds to fight housing and road plans

Dear neighbour,


This email asks for donations asap to help the Twigworth and Down Hatherley Parish Councils defeat the housing and road plans proposed for Twigworth and Down Hatherley.


We are sorry for the abrupt nature of the request - time is short and there has been and remains much to do.


To have a chance of success we need to deploy professional and legal skills where we could influence the councils and the JCS Inspector.


There is no guarantee we will be successful but we have a fair chance. Not making our case will mean that development here is inevitable.


Up to £4,000 is required as explained below. We are hoping for donations of up to £50.  


Please help asap if you can. If you leave it to others, it is likely that nothing will happen and we will certainly have our lives transformed by a large spread of suburbia on our doostep.


Cheques should be de payable to: Twigworth and Severn Vale Community


Cheques or cash can be dropped into Helen Ford during 9.00 - 17.00 at Orchard Park office



The proposals and how to respond

As you know, a campaign group and the Parish Councils and local residents are challenging the Joint Core Strategy (JCS) proposals for up to 4,000 houses, including up to a third social housing, in Twigworth and Down Hatherley. As well as increased flood risk and Green Belt development, any such development would have dramatic impacts from the traffic along our narrow rural roads, as well as a new road proposed through the housing itself.

A separate email is sending you details of how to voice your view to the JCS Inspector, if you have not yet done so. The deadline for submissions is 10 April.


What the campaign group is doing

The campaign group and Parish Councils are drawing together professional advice so we can make a robust input to the JCS consultation, the JCS hearings, and a parallel public inquiry on the same development which occurs in June.


The money is required for:



Our flood risk consultant Professor Ian Cluckie is kindly working gratis for us, to tackle the issues of flood risk.


Our individual members are also putting in time to coordinate our submissions, so much other volunteer time is being committed.    


If we have surplus money at the end of the campaign, once the JCS final plan is validated by the councils, we will return it in the proportions in which it was donated. If the surplus is a small amount and returning it would be inefficient to do, we will make donations to community causes in Twigworth and in Down Hatherley.  


Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to offer help, and thank you in advance if you can contribute funds.


Thank you,

Helen Ford (Twigworth)


Rick Minter (Down Hatherley)


Parish web sites for further information and updates :