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Norton Parish Council News

Crime in our area.

Community Alerts

To register for Community Alerts visit: www.yourcommunityalerts.co.uk

Then click on ‘Register’.

Enter your information and preferences as highlighted within the registration form.

You will then receive an e-mail to activate the link.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Nextdoor app.

To improve the communication in the parish the council has set up a private social network group using the “Nextdoor” community application.

This should help to get information around the village a great deal quicker.

This is there as a communication port for the parish, don’t be overzealous with the information you put on it. Have a look at https://nextdoor.co.uk.  Any problems or questions contact Selina, who is the lead in this, at nortoncouncil@gmail.com.

Make it work for you and the parish.

Dog Fouling - report it.

TBC- report-it.     Poster