Elected May 2015

Chairman  - Eirwyn Jenkins - e-mail:; tel: 01452 731743

Councillor Graham Garbutt

Councillor Steve Norgate - e-mail:; tel: 01452 731520

Councillor Colin Edwards - e-mail:; tel: 01452 731218

Councillor David Rolls - e-mail:; tel: 01452 731461

Parish Clerk - e-mail:

Tewkesbury Borough Councillors representing our Parish -

David Waters - e-mail:

Mark Williams - e-mail:

Our County Councillor is Phil Awford - e-mail:

Norton Parish Council Meeting Dates 2017 – 2018

Wed 17th May –AGM

Wed 19th July

Wed 13th September

Wednesday 15th November

Council meetings are open to all Parishioners. Meeting start at 7:30pm in the committee room of the village hall. 15 minutes are allowed at the end of the agenda for parishioners to ask questions.