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Norton Parish Council

The important advice we have received from a health professional living in the village is that it is vital that we encourage people to follow government advice to the letter (handwashing, social distancing, whole household isolation if somebody is symptomatic) because people should avoid at all cost becoming part of the virus transmission chain.

We would encourage everyone to seek responsible sources of information about COVID-19 (gov.uk, WHO, etc) and to resist forwarding other material you may gather from other sources.

Our nextdoor app and facebook are edited by Selina, therefore will not promote fake news.

Many people are coming forward offering help to those that may need it. To avoid duplication of effort, could I ask those people to contact Selina so that she can co-ordinate efforts and link up to those that need your help.

Similarly those of you that need help or know of someone that does, please contact Selina, in the first instance.

e-mail is nortoncouncil@gmail.com, phone- 07725852062.